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Friday, January 28, 2011

kiwi love

every year in fernie new people wander in looking to snowboard or ski for the winter.  we get an absurb amount of powder snow every year and since you can live here cheaper than whistler, we get hundreds of aussies and kiwis every year.  a kiwi friend of mine has introduced me to some huge cultural differences between canada and new zealand and i'm fascinated by the country now.

one of the coolest parts of kiwi culture is the maori people who were the natives of new zealand before it was settled by europe.  rugby is to new zealand like hockey is to canada or football is to the states and the all blacks rugby team perform a haka before every game.

this is the war dance, but they have many different kinds of dances in the maori culture.  i just love how intimidating this is, it's like every single muscle in their body is tensed up.

add seeing this in person to the list of things to do before i die :)

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